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License Legalization
Your Company has purchased PCs without pre-installed genuine Microsoft® Windows® operating system, and then installed unlicensed software or illegally used Volume License Key? Well, there is a simple way to get licensed software product.

Through Get Genuine Kit - Windows 7 Professional You Can Get Easy and Affordable Legalization Solution

The businesses that use improperly licensed Windows® software can now get the licenses for the newest operating system – Windows 7, through easy and affordable legalization solution – GGK (Get Genuine Kit).

GGK is:

  • A simple legalization solution for Windows® operating systems, including Windows 7 Professional
  • GGK license pack includes media (DVD) and Microsoft customer support
  • Option to purchase Software Assurance (SA) within 90 days


Microsoft® Products
Regardless to its size, the businesses today cannot operate successfully without full software coverage. This is why it is essential for each company to find the best software solution for its business and technological needs.
The adequate license agreement will provide you not only the right to use the necessary software, but will also help you manage your software assets, thus saving your time, money and energy.

There are several ways to purchase Microsoft® products:

  • Pre-installed software - already installed on a computer, and can only be used on the computer you bought it with, so called „original equipment manufacturer“(OEM) software. In this case you don’t need to sign an agreement and you don’t have direct relation with Microsoft. The vendor who sold you the software should be your first point of contact or customer service and support center. 
  • Boxed software for one computer, called „Full Packaged Product “(FPP). Microsoft offers free warranty support to boxed software customers, through the Microsoft support hotline.
  • Software for more PCs- if you are looking to install the same software on more then one PC at the same time, you will have several Volume Licensing Programs available for you.
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