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WhizBaseŽ Server Pages is a server-side hypertext preprocessor. It serves the same purpose as PHP, ASP or other similar tools and, like them, it is executed on the server and it produces specific, processed content.

WhizBaseŽ is developed with the objective to make web developer’s life easier and it is definitely not a programming language and even the structure of the WB script does not look like the program. If it has to be classified into any group, you may say that it is a web development tool, although it can be considered a category on its own. Its offers numerous possibilities, yet, first useful results can be achieved with minimal level of expertise.

This can be illustrated by publishing the content of a database table in a beautifully designed graphic layout offering easy-to-use search function. Even beginners with basic knowledge of HTML can achieve this in 10 to 30 minutes.

WhizBaseŽ is successfully used in creation of web presentations, real-time reporting systems, web applications, intranet/extranet system, varied content delivered in WAP / WML, XML, RTF, RSS, TXT and other text-based formats.

WhizBaseŽ represents one of the fastest and easiest ways to create dynamic web content and, if a beginner is involved and if learning programming is not an option, it may be the only way.


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