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       Note @ GSM is software that allows sending messages via e-mail, SMS messages and printed letters.
It operates in two modes, automatic and “on demand”.

In automatic mode the program is configured once and executed automatically without requiring user’s intervention. It sends a predefined message and the program uses specific setting to automatically send e-mails, SMS or prepare documents for printing. Of course, sending reports and the reports on the preparation of printed notices are automatically sent to the person in charge. This Note@GSM is a “custom-made” solution, which means that it must be customized for specific purposes and is particularly useful in situations when the clients need to receive direct (personal) messages (e.g., notification of license plate expiration date or birthday messages for customer club members etc.).

In “on demand” (manual) mode Note@GSM behaves as a “ready made” program and it can be used for sending mass messages, that is, for sending on-demand messages. This version of Note@GSM is designed for sending messages or notifications to predefined groups, i.e., to all of your contacts or to a particular large group in accordance with the set criteria (e.g., males between 20 and 40 years of age or women living in a specific city etc.). You can send various messages to your clients and they may contain information about special offers, discounts, etc.

Although it has its own (empty) database when installing the system, regardless of version, Note@GSM can use existing databases and resources. It is primarily designed for server installation, but it can be installed on any ordinary desktop computer (workstation) or even laptop.

If the user does not have established system database, and the existing database does not meet his/her needs, it is possible to pay for development of a special database together with a system for its use and maintenance. The program is very simple and requires no training for its use. 

Note@GSM is not limited to offering access from only one place and for only one person, but the whole system can be accesses via LAN so that many employees can work on it. Surely, the system is well protected from misuse and only authorized persons can access it.

Some of the benefits of Note@GSM are:

  • Your message is instantly made available to a large group of people
  • Messages can be sent automatically without requiring user’s intervention
  • The program informs the authorized persons about the addresses used for sending messages
  • By sending direct messages you personalize your relationship with the client as it inspires feelings of exclusivity and loyalty

If you contact us, our consultants shall visit you and make a presentation on Note@GSM system capabilities


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