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Work over Net (WON) is an intranet / extranet business system (closed internal system with access for external users or members of staff) and it belongs to a group of web office applications offering a vary wide rang of application possibilities.

Business success of any company largely depends on good internal organization, coordination of staff and maintaining constant communication with business partners.

Therefore, we have developed a unique software system which you can use at any time, in your office or in the field, to monitor the work of employees, give assignments to the individual or group, post notifications, discuss various topics, keep the documents in one place and define access rights for all available resources.

WON integrates applications used for everyday business operations. It is developed with the help of web technology and characterized by easy use, low system requirements, easy maintenance and back up and being total independent in terms of locations it is accessed from. Its area of application is rather broad and it is often used in business systems involving dispersed business units, and the coordination of activities of project teams whose members are not in the same area, company, and sometimes not even in the same country.

This system enables easy, fast and comprehensive way of sharing information at the level of an organization (company, bank, insurance company, ministry, etc.), and allows for rapid and easy exchange of information with external collaborators, people who work "in the field", business partners or similar organizations. In doing so, you only need a personal computer with access to Internet or local network.

“Work over Net” is used by many of B&H companies and organizations like: Ministry of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Centrotrans, Transparency International B&H…

Some of the benefits of WON are:
  • CONVENIENCE: It connects team, tools and information, all in one place.
  • EFFICIENCY: It allows for simple, quick and accurate exchange of information, announcements and tasks. With just one click you can send a notice to employees even though they are situated in different locations. Employees can discuss various topics among themselves. All tasks are grouped in one place and calendar alerts you to them.
  • MOBILITY: You can access your work at any time even from remote locations, which is especially helpful for managers during vacations, business trips, sickness absence… 
  • SECURITY: Documents are stored in one place with clearly defined access rights; they are protected from misuse and cannot be permanently deleted and, thus, they can be kept for years.
  • TIME AND MONEY SAVER: Instead of wasting your money on piles of paper and telephone bills, you can use your computer. Communicate with employees and business partners free of charge.
  • SIMPLICITY: The program is easy to use and employees get used to it very quickly.

Video presentations

Screen capture presentation
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You can download a demo at:


username: gost
password: gost

More info on WON can be found at www.won.ba



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