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Integration and provision of related services on the basis of partnership is not a new practice in the rest of the world and foreign companies have long enjoyed multiple benefits of those ways of cooperation with its service providers. Such system guarantees the quality of work performed and longevity of the partnership in many different ways. When entering into IIBMS related contracts we approach them on the assumption of long-term cooperation, i.e. minimum contract period of no less than a year. Clients do not have to pay at once but at a flat rate set out in the contract and the services to be provided are clearly defined.

Contract on IIBMS (Internet Integrated Business Management System) covers multiple related services that must include at least:

  • Hosting resources for e-mail, and maintaining presentations with unlimited resources on a fair use basis,
  • Registration and management of domain names at the client’s request,
  • Design and development of web presentation within the agreed scope,
  • Maintaining presentations during the contract period,
  • Consulting on all matters relating to IT services that Djikic company offers or is familiar with them through experience,
  • Assisting in solving various IT problems,
  • Representing the client before third parties in the field of IT,
  • A number of other related services...

What do you get?
The advantages are manifold, but at this point in particular we wish to emphasize the following:

  • Method of payment guarantees the quality of services,
  • Payment in installments is ensured by the nature of contract itself,
  • Complete elimination of problems related to the web and related services in your company,
  • For the price of hiring one expert for your company you have a whole team of experts of different profiles at your disposal,
  • Extremely fast response time during maintenance,
  • Changes and upgrades of the system within the set price range...
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