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Consulting services include a wide range of activities that help our clients solve problems that “in-house” employees cannot resolve as they are too closely involved with the original system. Simply put, an “outsider” shall perceive and resolve some problems more easily compared to the people face them on daily basis.

Although hiring independent consultants is not very widespread practice among local firms, the demand for this type of service is constantly increasing and the savings achieved in this way exceed the funds invested by many times.

The reason is quite simple - almost every provider tries to sell its most expensive product or service and it directs all of its efforts with that goal in mind. On the other hand, relying on your own IT team can be both detrimental and beneficial because every IT practitioner usually either strives to deliver maximum results or, at the other extreme, act as a typical “gatekeeper” who, out of fear of change, opposes everything that could possibly threaten the “status quo”.

External consultant has no direct interest in either case, which qualifies him/her as an objective analyst in terms of assessing real needs. Our only goal is a satisfied customer who clearly benefits from the money spent on consultations.

The most common activities that we perform for our clients in the provision of consulting services are:

  • Analysis of needs for resources in the area of IT and analysis of existing resources from the perspective of introduction and use of LAN, intranet and the Internet
  • Representing the client within his/her authority and discretion before third parties in the capacity of an IT adviser
  • Active participation in defining the requirements directed at third parties, which are related to IT, LAN, intranet and Internet
  • Analysis of use of existing Internet / intranet resources and their actual usage, as well as advising on and proposing solutions and measures aimed at improving the system in accordance with the identified conditions
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