Utilities – best way to overcome problems

Problems caused by partial inadequacy of existing software solutions within an enterprise push your IT staff and operational management to the wall. How is it possible to solve a problem, without having to change entire system? The problem is often exacerbated because of the fact that many solutions that have been used for a long time, accomplish their primary tasks rather well.

In time, these “bottlenecks” pose a problem for the normal functioning of the entire company. On the other hand, their removal by usual methods requires the reconstruction of the scale and price that cannot be justified by the results, even when the achieved results fulfil expectations with regard to them.

The solution for this situation is always a compromise between the decision to maintain the “status quo” and decisions on reconstruction or replacement of the entire software solution. The problem can be solved by creating supporting programs (utility software) or so-called “patches” that will use existing solution without changing its mode of operation and upgrade it to the new required level of functionality. This, above all, requires extensive knowledge of technology and vast experience in solving similar problems which our company certainly possesses.

During project execution we make sure that the total cost of such intervention does not exceed the value of benefits that arise from its implementation.

Good examples of successful implementation of these solutions are:

  • System for displaying data in real time for Sava River Watershed Agency, which is used for showing water level information collected from automated gauging stations on the Agency’s website and teletext service of Radio-Television of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Radiotelevision of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Add-on for printing reports in SCADA process monitoring system of American company National Instruments.
  • Mobile and web reporting on transhipment and unloading of ships waiting to discharge their cargo or those being unloaded in the port of Koper in Slovenia.
  • System for displaying data in real-time for Central Heating Tuzla (CGT), which is used for showing temperature values obtained with automated measurement stations on the company’s web page.

These examples illustrate the types of tasks and problems that can be solved by developing this type of software but they in no way comprise all application possibilities of these solutions.

Development of utility software solutions can be used to create installation programs and web interface according to existing databases (which cannot be viewed through Interneta/intranet), specific calculatosr, document (file) editors designed according to specific models and for solving other tasks that imply filling the gaps and overcoming shortcomings of existing system solutions in next to no time and within reasonable budget.

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