Tailored Software Solutions

Creating on-demand software solutions meets specific needs of your company and solves the specific problems in its operation. High quality and stable software solutions contribute to effectiveness and efficiency of the company and thus the generation of profit. Regardless of the level and quality of information systems that may or may not exist, solutions that are fully adapted to your needs will give you an edge in the market by ensuring efficient production or faster and better service provision.

A good example of this type of service is the creation of “Sisyphus” software system for the marketing department of the Radio-Television of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. “Sisyphus” addresses specific problems faced by public TV broadcasters in the country.

The scope of problems that may be solved in this manner is rather large and it includes all business segments and activities.

Our team can offer economical and effective solutions to your problems whether it is about creating more or less complex database management systems, applications for a specific business area that is not covered by existing solutions, web application, a complete software package or any other type of program.

Gain advantage through information technology

Convinced of the usefulness of this way of providing solutions, we offer you optional talks or electronic correspondence in order to help you gain a clear picture of the potential and opportunities for eventual cooperation. Our policy based on creation of financially viable solutions which offer guaranteed return on investment is an advantage that you can easily use.


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