Sleep in peace, we are awake!

When deciding on what kind of team you want to hire to monitor your financial affairs, it is necessary to evaluate many factors. The factor which is often overlooked in this process is the question "What is the cost of peaceful sleep?”.

Your life is incorporated into your business. Your obligatory partner is a state which has its own principles, regulations and customs. It’s only natural that it tries to increase its budget. Wisdom of the business is reflected in achieving maximum benefits for you and your company (employees) while complying with all regulations and social norms.

We are ready and able to assist you in achieving that goal.

Our long-standing clients such as Mreža PLUS, KIA Motors, GS1 Bosnia and Herzegovina, MIB, a Europronet, “BH Journalists” Association, Planika Flex and others, use whole range of our services, from those relating to bookkeeping and accounting to management and/or internal accounting consulting.

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