Training, consulting and counseling

TC&C offers its clients the experience and expertise acquired through extensive work in the consulting sector and other industries. We have developed our experience and the ability to transfer knowledge while working on various projects and learning from the best experts in the European Union. We now strive to share lessons learned in this manner with those who have realized that the power lies in knowledge and skills of staff, as well as to provide direct assistance in the actual achievement of your goals.

TC&C is a consulting company providing training services, consultation and coordination in coordination in the preparation and implementation of projects, including help in raising funds from the existing European and international funds. 

Currently, we are part of Djikic Consulting Services, while, in the future, we plan to become an independent legal entity that will operate within Djikic Services.

Further information and questions
Mahir HujiŠ, TC&C Managing Director
Mob +387 (0)62 994 573
skype dcsmahir

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