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Đikić Web Studio (DWS) is an interactive design studio dedicated and specializing in developing professional digital presentations that leave a lasting impression on visitors, all the while maintaining maximum functionality. In an attempt to evoke profound emotions, we actually try to ensure spontaneous and permanent acceptance of the promoted brands.

We have always strived to keep one step ahead and stay on par with global trends. Today's trends dictate that we use appealing but very functional and useful presentations that stand for far more than mere marketing. These are systems that independently perform a variety of jobs, sell products, provide additional information and meet the growing needs of "weby boom" population.

We respond to these circumstances with joy and boundless energy generated from two different sources: creative one, which offers attractiveness and beauty and the rational one, which ensures functionality and usefulness. Good balance between these two components guarantees success, while the imbalance means that they will act like two magnetic poles repelling each other without any hope of making them compatible.

IIBMS - Create Extra Value!

At global level, integration and provision of related services on the basis of partnership is nothing new and foreign companies have long reaped multiple benefits of this way of cooperating with their service providers. Such system of work guarantees quality of work and long-term partnership in several ways.

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