Our 20-year tradition and expert personnel -
the best guarantee of our quality and professionalism.
Đikić d.o.o./ Đikić LLC

Đikić d.o.o. Company, based in Sarajevo, has a 20-year long tradition. This company was one of the first to offer the services of complete Internet and intranet engineering, software development on demand, development of multimedia presentations, IT consulting and providing financial and accounting services. The quality of our services has attracted a number of companies, both from BiH and abroad. Therefore, the list of our clients includes considerable number of companies from Slovenia, Nederland, Germany, USA, Canada...

Primary activities our company pursues:

  • Software development (development of programs and related services)
  • Web Studio (engineering, design and development of web contents)
  • Accountancy (bookkeeping and accounting services)
  • Consulting (consulting services pertaining to public administration and beyond, trainings
    and assistance in raising the funds, related to EU pre-accession funds)
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